4 thoughts on “TradeKing: Fighting that Inactivity Fee

  1. In one if my trading accounts, i got an email warning me for this. IT was a new policy they had. As this was just a test account that I do not plan to use actively, I decided to close. This was actually one of the options they suggested in the email, with a link to request the closure at the same time.

    Your actions make me think I need to call my broker once to ask a discount. I did 200 trades in less than a year…

    1. Definitely! I’ve found it very useful to call financial institutions and ask for fee waivers. A couple of times, I was able to get the annual fee on a credit card waived. I still regret that I let this one slip by unnoticed, but $50 back is better than nothing.

      200 trades in less than a year should’ve made you one of their most valuable customers!

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