The Vanmoof Electrified S: Box Opening

My new electric bike finally came!  Isn’t she a beauty?

I pre-ordered her straight from the website at a discount, and it was the best $2,500 I ever spent.

When she finally shipped, FedEx tried to deliver her while I was at work.  And because the battery was considered hazmat, FedEx wouldn’t let anyone else sign for her, or change the delivery address to my office.  So I requested that they hold her at the local FedEx Ground facility and happily forked over $56 to pick her up by Uber.

Here are some photos from her box opening.  In case you’re wondering, she comes substantially installed.  You just have to readjust the handlebars and seat and add pedals.

Here she is before I installed her pedals.  She comes with a free cable lock attached to the top tube of her frame.  Note that she’s tall and not well suited for guys under 5’7″.     

She comes with all the tools you need plus a remote, charging cable and extra reflectors for her wheels.  


Everything lights up at the push of a button.  You can also turn her on with the Vanmoof app.  But you can only turn her off by pressing the on/off button underneath her top tube.


The app has various features, allowing you to unlock her, check her battery level, adjust pedal-assist (max 500%) and light settings and report her stolen.


Here she is, safely parked at work.  I added a U-lock for additional security.  

That’s her enjoying the California sunshine.  

It’s only been a week and I’ve already ridden her over 80 miles.  While she’s not cheap, I’d recommend her to anyone who wants to save money on car maintenance and gas.  Not only will she help you get wealthier, she’ll improve your health and leave behind zero carbon.  Plus she’ll climb those hills for you like they’re nothing.

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