September 2017 Net Worth Update

Hey everyone, it’s that time again.  Time for net worth update number 17.  This month I had just over a $12 grand increase from last period.  Highlights below:

Increases – $15,974.25

  • After tax income – $11,438.05
  • HSA contributions – $283.38
  • Interest from checking and savings accounts – $27.76
  • Gain on investments – $4,225.06

Decreases – $3,298.19

  • Rent, utilities and deposit – $2,161.74
  • Travel – $437.58
  • Other expenses – $698.87

Net increase – $12,676.06

So far so good.  I’m still getting a steady paycheck, my investments are doing well and I’ve maxed out my 401(k) for the year.  My biggest expense is of course rent, which can’t be helped in this high cost of living area of Southern California.  In addition, my fiance and I bought plane tickets to visit my family in Atlanta this Christmas so that also took a small chunk out of my savings.

But outside of all that, I only spent about $700 this month, which is a huge improvement considering my diamond engagement ring purchase from August. 🙂

In other news, we’ve decided on a venue for our wedding in fall 2018 so hope to see you all there!  Just kidding.  We’ll tell you all about it after. 😉

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