Saving Money with Soylent

I’ll admit I never thought I’d like Soylent.*  The idea of eating something with complete nutrition and almost no taste reminded me of the scene in the Matrix when Cypher has steak after years of eating sustenance in the “Real World.”  But after two weeks of drinking Soylent for lunch I’m hooked.  Here’s why.

Soylent costs only $1.54 to $3.09 per meal.

That’s well under the cost of fast food.  For example, in Southern California, you’d pay $8.00 for a Big Mac meal.  Of course, you’d also get more calories with that Big Mac, but that’s not always a good thing.  Which leads me to my next point.

Soylent has helped me lose weight.

At 400 calories per meal (and 20 grams of protein), I get just enough calories to feel full and not too many that I feel bloated or plagued with food coma.  Of course I do get hungry again in the late afternoon, which is why I have a stash of chocolate-covered almonds from Costco on my desk 🙂

So 400 calories from Soylent plus roughly 160 calories from 10 almonds gives me 560 calories total from my lunch and afternoon snack. That’s less than a single slice of Costco pizza.

Soylent doesn’t taste bad.  It’s like milk and Cheerios.

That’s right.  The original flavor tastes like leftover milk from a bowl of Cheerios.  For me, the taste is just enough to satisfy my taste buds.  And after two weeks of drinking, I haven’t gotten sick of it yet.

There are also cacao, nectar and coffee/tea flavors for those who need a bit more variety.

Soylent is convenient.

This is the most addicting factor.  The time it takes to eat a prepackaged bottle of Soylent, including prep and cleaning (almost nonexistent), is about 40 seconds or less for me.  Of course the powdered version takes longer, but no more than a protein shake would.

Soylent is probably healthier than most foods that I eat.

While I’m skeptical of drinking Soylent for every meal, I’m convinced that it’s healthier than eating a burger and fries or ramen noodles.  After all, it’s advertised as complete nutrition with protein, carbohydrates, lipids and micronutrients.

But I’m also aware that the nutritional completeness of the product is probably based on what we know about nutrition today, which will most likely change.  And for that reason, you won’t see me drinking it for both lunch and dinner.  But for just lunch at work, I love it.


If you’re looking for a cost-effective, time-efficient and okay-tasting way to save money on meals, Soylent is the way to go.

*Note that the blog may receive a small commission for any purchases through this page, so thanks in advance!

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