Reader Testimonial

The other day one of my best friends and reader Brian sent me the following:

Hey man, I’ve really only read a couple of your articles (and I’m still reading The Millionaire Next Door*), but I can say that for the first time I’m actually excited about SAVING MONEY OMG).  I mean, it helps that I’ve pretty much met all of my base consumerist needs.  So I’m not really lusting for any material possessions at this point.  But now I get to clean up the mess that acquiring those possessions has caused.


It’s always a great feeling to get positive feedback on my writing.  And given the relatively young age of this blog, it’d be great to get some constructive feedback as well.  Is there anything that you feel could be improved?  Any specific topic that you’d like to read more about?  Feel free to let me know in the comments section or through the contact form!

Brian, if you’re reading this, thanks for the testimonial.  And let us know in a few months how you’re doing!

*I recommended this book because it contains most of the principles that inspired this blog: live below your means, invest your savings and steer clear of depreciating assets like brand names and import goods.  If you happen to purchase from that link, the blog will receive a small referral commission.  

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