May 2017 Net Worth Update

Oh shoot, is it already month-end?  Amazing how time flies.  Anyhoo, here’s the usual net worth update – a modest increase of just under three grand:

Increases – $11,545.98

  • After tax income – $10,219.79
  • HSA contributions – $283.38
  • Interest from checking and savings accounts – $28.66
  • Reimbursements – $355.34*
  • Loan payment from a friend – $500
  • Gain on investments – $158.81

Decreases – $8,683.93

  • Rent, utilities and deposit – $4,577.26
  • Airplane tickets – $1,091.86**
  • Other expenses – $3,014.81

Net increase – $2,862.05

Admittedly, this month was out of control.  For one, I moved to a new apartment right by my office and as a consequence, paid a deposit and extra rent for the brief overlap with my prior lease. On top of that, traveling and weddings have consumed more of my hard earned funds.  But that’s okay because my spending will hopefully be capped for a couple months until I travel again.  Plus, work and life have picked up to a point where I hardly have time to spend money or blog about it.

But don’t worry, the posts will keep coming.  I have a few drafts in the pipeline just waiting to be published.  And I figure you all deserve a good life update (or two) so stay tuned.

Well that’s all for now.  See you all next month!

*My friend reimbursed me for airplane tickets that I bought her to score points on my Chase Sapphire Reserve

**Top-secret travel plans to be revealed on a later date!   

7 thoughts on “May 2017 Net Worth Update

  1. Despite the tough month from an expenses perspective, quite a solid growth! Onwards to that $200K net worth 
    Have fun on the travels!

    1. Thank you, thank you. It’s hard not to see $8k in expenses as a setback but like you said, onwards and upwards! Love your Cheesy Index by the way.

      1. Thanks! Completely understand the feeling of not seeing large expenses as a setback, suffer from the same “issue” 🙂

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