March 2017 Net Worth Update

Here we go, net worth update number 12 – a nine grand increase from last month.  Here’s the breakdown below:

Increases – $13,818.11

  • After tax income – $10,218.04
  • HSA contributions – $283.38
  • 2016 Tax Return (Federal and California) – $2,665*
  • Interest from checking and savings accounts – $26.69
  • Refunds and reimbursements – $625**

Decreases – $4,634.26

  • Rent and utilities – $2,087.57
  • Partial rent deposit for new apartment – $240
  • Bluehost domain and hosting renewal – $200.23***
  • Loss from investments – $1,096.50
  • Other expenses – $1,009.96

Net increase – $9,183.85

Not a bad month.  Expenses rose a bit as I celebrated the end of my California bar exam.  On top of that, I put down a partial deposit for a new apartment in May that’s only half a mile from work.  Rent won’t be cheaper though since I’ll (1) be closer to the beach and (2) enjoy almost twice as much square footage (not to mention seven community pools, an outdoor spa, a fully equipped gym and other great amenities).

In addition, my index funds took a hit when the Trump stock market rally finally began to fade.  On the bright side, I’m hoping that this is the start of a downturn so I can dump some cash into the market when prices are lower.

Finally, I’d like to point out that my net worth has grown by almost exactly $100,000 since my very first post one year ago.  Pretty amazing huh?  At this rate, I just might be able to hit that $1,000,000 goal much earlier than 2030.

Well that’s all for now.  See you all in April!

*I’ve got one more coming from New York. 

**My firm reimbursed me for my New York attorney registration fees, and I received a refund for my California bar review books.  

***I’m all set for another three years with this blog.  

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