June 2016 Net Worth Update

It’s that time again – net worth update number three!  This month, my net worth actually decreased by about $800 to $91,730.71.  Here’s a quick rundown of what happened:

Increases – $10,142.31

  • After tax income – $7,276.89
  • 401k contributions -$1,983.34
  • Sales on CraigslistAmazon and Decluttr – $264.09*
  • Interest from checking and savings accounts – $39.66
  • New account bonus from Capital One 360 – $200**
  • Reimbursements – $378.33***

Decreases – $10,924.27

  • Rent – $2,259
  • Loan to a friend – $4,900
  • Retirement account adjustment – $2,125.02
  • Loss from investments – $895.09
  • Other expenses – $745.16

Net decrease – $781.96

As you can see, I had two unusual decreases that took my net worth down by about $7,000.  The first one was a $2,125.02 adjustment to my retirement account – apparently the firm had deposited this by mistake awhile ago and decided to take it back.  The second was a $4,900 loan to a friend (more on this later).  If we ignore these two anomalies and consider the fact that I still have over $400 in over-time meal receipts to be reimbursed (one of my four ways to save money in New York), then I’ve really only spent about $300 outside of rent this month.

So all in all, I’m proud of my progress despite the numbers.  Next month, I’m expecting a huge comeback, so stay tuned!

*Items sold: Four Nintendo Wii U games ($172.15), one Nintendo 3DS game ($13.80) and one patent law casebook from law school ($78.14)

**Sadly this promotion is over.  But you can still get $25 if you open an account through this link and follow the instructions.  And I’ll get $25 too, so thanks in advance!  

***Remember my buddy Alex in Hong Kong?  He reimbursed me for a Nike jacket that I ordered and shipped for him.    

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