July 2016 Net Worth Update

The end of July finally rolls around for another net worth update.  This time I had a whopping increase of over $15,000 from last month.   But don’t be fooled, I haven’t renewed my lease or paid rent yet, so it’s more like a $13,000 increase.  Breakdown below:

Increases – $15,781.07

  • After tax income – $7,702.69
  • 401k contributions -$2,100
  • Sales on Craigslist – $175*
  • Interest from checking and savings accounts – $34.11
  • Gain on investments – $4,991.27
  • Cash back rewards from Chase Freedom Unlimited – $186.32**
  • Over-time meal reimbursements – $591.68***

Decreases – $662.31

  • Other expenses – $662.31

Net increase – $15,118.76

Well, I promised a comeback didn’t I?  Of course not all of it was from being frugal.  The recent stock market uptick after Brexit has certainly helped.  And craziness at work has both distracted me from spending money and provided me with a steady stream of free food.  Now, my goals for the coming months are to (i) save as much as possible before my big move out West, (ii) get more of my cash invested and working for me and (iii) maintain a healthy mind and body by taking on some voluntary inconveniences.

Speaking of my big move out West, I have an interview coming up on Wednesday so wish me luck!  Until next time

*Items sold: 42-inch LG plasma TV. 

**This included a $150 bonus for spending $500 within three months of account opening.  

***One of my four ways to save money in New York.  My employer reimburses us for up to $35 for over-time meal expenses.    

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