How to Remove Wrinkles from a Tie

This Friday I’ll be flying out to San Diego to spend Labor Day weekend with my girlfriend, and next week I’ll be interviewing with two firms in the area (fingers crossed)!  As a result, I’ve been shopping for shirts and ties to bring along for the trip.  One tie that I was especially impressed with was a ten dollar one* from Amazon by Origin.  As the reviews indicate, the tie is a quality silk tie that should cost way more than what it’s selling for.**  But there was one problem – the tie came folded in a flat package that left an awkward crease right in the middle of the chest.

So I scoured the internet, looking for a solution to my problem.  Of course, many sites recommended steaming the tie, so I hung it up in my bathroom as I showered.  When that didn’t work, I tried ironing the tie by placing a cotton T-shirt between it and my iron on low heat.  Finally, I rolled up the tie and stuck it in my drawer for the day.

When none of that worked, I decided to return the damn thing.  And almost right away, someone at Origin sent me the following email:

I’d like to ask you for the reason of refund which can help us know the shortcomings of our products. And we can improve our products and service to give you and other customers a better shopping experience.

Could you reply to this email? Thank you.

Origin Ties Inc.

So I responded:

The only reason I am returning what’s otherwise a great tie is because of the heavy crease in the middle where it was folded in the package. The crease is in a very visible and awkward location. I believe the tie would’ve been perfect if it had been rolled instead of folded.

Expecting that to be the end of it, I received another email the very next day:

For the crease problem, our company is working on the changing of package for a certain time.  I’d like to give you a 9.99 amount-off code, which means a big discount in our shop so you can choose one new tie you like.

Actually, some small creases are hard to avoid and we prepare some tips to remove those creases:


1.  Slight Wrinkle. Hang it up on the tie rack overnight.
2.  A bit Stubborn.  Minor wrinkle can be removed easily by rolling it up, start with small end and let it sit for a day.
3.  Deep Wrinkle. Steam treatment: Place the tie above a source where steam rising up, for example above any utensil where water is boiling.

Thank you for your understanding.

What an upstanding company!  They already offer a ridiculously low price, and they reach out to customers who are still yet unsatisfied with their products.  Well I took that coupon code and ordered another $10 tie, this time fully expecting the awkward crease.  When it arrived, I took all of my ties and hung them next to my shower head.  I pointed the shower head away and turned on the hot water.

After about 20 minutes, I came back to check on the ties, and the awkward crease had all but disappeared.  When I checked on it again the next day it was gone.

So there you have it, how to get a free tie and remove the wrinkles.  Just kidding.  But seriously, you can bet that I won’t be paying dry cleaners to press my ties anymore.  And unless Origin decides to raise their wonderful prices, I won’t be buying any ties that cost more than $10 for a while.

*Note that if you decide to buy through that link, I’ll get a small referral commission from Amazon. 

**In fact, I can hardly tell the difference between this $10 tie and my $40 ties from Banana Republic.   

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