How to Make Money by Convincing Others to Start a Blog

As some of you may know, my blog is hosted by Bluehost and I’m part of the Bluehost Affiliate Program.  As an affiliate, I’m inclined to convince you to start a blog with Bluehost so that I’ll get a commission.  But instead, I’m going to convince you to start a blog so that you can convince others and get a commission too!

It’s pretty simple.  For every person that starts a blog off of your referral link, Bluehost pays you $65 (subject to change).  Just follow the steps below:

1.  Click my awesome referral link (which will land me a $65 commission for your signup) and mosey over to Bluehost.  Once you’re there, click “get started now.”

2.  Now go ahead and choose a plan.*

3.  After that, choose yourself a domain name that’s catchy and memorable.  Don’t make my mistake and go with something lame like “” only to change it to the uber cool “” later.

4.  Choose a 12-month, 24-month or 36-month package. I chose the 12-month package for the first year and recently signed up for a 36-month renewal.

5.  Once you’ve paid for your new account, go head and login to your cpanel where you can install WordPress and start blogging!

Now let’s get you signed up as a Bluehost Affiliate:

1. Head on over to the Bluehost Affiliate Program page and click “sign up.”

2. Fill out the form and click “I agree” to the terms.

And you’re all set.  You now have access to referral links, banners and widgets for your new blog.  Happy blogging!

*I personally like the basic plan.  You can always upgrade later if you change your mind.

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