How Do You Like the New Site Banner?

Well I had to admit – this site was overdue for a makeover.  And what better time to do that than now when the blog is officially one year old?

In case you’re wondering, I switched out that old stock image of a palm tree to a guy doing a patented Mixed Money Arts flying kick.*

One thing that I haven’t done enough here is emphasize the theme of this blog – that finance is an art form to be practiced every day.  There’re no get-rich-quick schemes to be discussed here, only good ol’-fashioned financial training through blood and sweat.

Don’t get me wrong, the palm tree could’ve been a nice symbol for early retirement.  But that’s not the type of retirement that I’m after.  I plan on training and saving well beyond my last day at the office.

Anyways, it’s 1:40 a.m. so enough of my rambling.  Hope you all like the new look!

*That guy is me by the way.  

One thought on “How Do You Like the New Site Banner?

  1. I like your new look. Kick-ass banner. Looking forward to interesting and helpful articles.

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