Getting Rid of Stuff on Decluttr ($10 Bonus)

While I do most of my selling on Craigslist and Amazon, I’ve recently sold a couple of video games on Decluttr.  The advantage of Decluttr is that you get an immediate quote and a free shipping label for most electronics and media.  All you have to do is (i) either enter the UPC code of your product or simply scan the barcode with the Decluttr app and (ii) ship your item off to their warehouse.  Once they receive the product, they’ll either send you a check or pay you by direct deposit to your bank account (your choice).

The disadvantage is that you’ll probably get a cheaper offer than you would on the secondary marketplace.  Nonetheless, you can get a decent price every now and then for certain items.  For example, I was able to sell one of my 3DS video games for $14 (just $5 less than what I had originally bought it for).*

Anyhow, I got an email today about a $10 referral bonus to myself and anyone who opens an account through the following process:

  1. Register for an account at this link.
  2. Enter referral code: DXR72DY3CY
  3. Sell at least $10 worth of stuff in one order.

You’ll get the extra $10 once Decluttr receives your items.  And I’ll get $10 too so thanks in advance!

*For other items, the price disparity can be much greater.  For instance, Decluttr offered $98.00 for my Nintendo Wii U when I was able to sell it on Craigslist for $175.  

UPDATE: Referral code has expired! See comments for more recent codes or post your own 🙂

27 thoughts on “Getting Rid of Stuff on Decluttr ($10 Bonus)

  1. None of those referral codes are working for me. Does anyone else have a new code valid for February? Please

  2. I used someone’s code on here so here’s mine for a $10 credit.


    FYI these codes are capped at 10 uses per code so that’s why these older codes don’t work. This one’s fresh as of March 21, 2017!

  3. Here is a new Referral code DTRFZ9KP73
    it is only valid until the end of March 2017! I will post a new one after that expires! Extra $10 when you register!

  4. Use referal code DTRFZ9KP73 for $10 extra on your first order! Free to sign up! Free to ship!!

      1. DTRF49Y2HX should still have 5 uses left. Don’t know what to do if it doesn’t work, sorry!

  5. DTRGSZFT2P October 2017 – $10 referral bonus works! (enter this code at registration and when you complete an order)

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