February 2017 Net Worth Update

It’s time for my end of the month net worth update.  A 12 grand increase from last month!  Breakdown below:

Increases – $14,789.20

  • After tax income – $10,873.25
  • HSA contributions – $283.38
  • Sales on Craigslist – $330*
  • Interest from checking and savings accounts – $29.68
  • Wells Fargo account opening bonus – $250**
  • Gain on investments – $3,022.89

Decreases – $2,545.87

  • Rent and utilities – $2,087.73
  • New York Attorney Registration – $375
  • Other expenses – $83.14

Net increase – $12,243.33

Just when I thought I was done paying bar-related fees I got hit with a renewal notice for my New York attorney registration.  So I shelled out another $375 and now I’m good to go for another two years.  Of course, this’ll be reimbursed by my employer.

Other than my bar dues and rent, spending’s been under control at just $83 for the month of February.  This was mostly because I was at home preparing for the California bar for almost an entire month.  I did however squeeze in a quick flight to Atlanta which was paid for entirely by credit card rewards.

In addition, we finally got our pay raises and it’s quite a hefty chunk of change.  I see this as a bit of a double-edged sword since the money is both helping me to achieve financial independence and making it harder to give up my job.  That’s okay though, because I’ve got you all and this blog to keep me in check.

Well that’s all for this month.  See you next time!

*Item sold on Craigslist: an old computer monitor.

**I was hoping to share this bonus with you all but it looks like the promotion has expired.  

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