Exploring San Diego

Well after a weeklong furlough in San Diego, I’m back in the Big Apple. The girlfriend and I did quite a bit of exploring along the coast of Carlsbad, and I survived my interviews with mixed feelings about law firms and work in general.

Let’s start with the explorations. Below is a list of pretty awesome food places that we checked out:


Pizza Port – Not your average thin crust New York pizza but just as gourmet. We ordered a medium BBQ bacon cheeseburger and it was delish. My only criticism would be that the leftover slices don’t taste as good cold as the ones from Dominos or Papa John’s, so eat them while they’re hot!

Total cost: $24.21


Pokirrito – I’ve tried sushi burritos once on the East Coast (at a place near Grand Central) and they weren’t nearly as good. This place really lets you pack in the raw fish and other flavors at a reasonable price. We got a poke bowl too with tuna, albacore and a variety of toppings on brown rice.

Total cost: $24.20


Iceskimo – The Asian shaved ice version of Yogurtland. You can create your own and add a variety of toppings or get one off their menu. We got a Bruce Lychee and a Strawberry Shortcake.

Total cost: ~$12


In-N-Out Burger – Probably the one place that I’ll always look forward to when I’m on the West Coast. We ordered a protein burger (burger patty wrapped in lettuce), a double double and animal style fries.

Total cost: $10.75


Pelly’s Fish Market – My girlfriend found this gem a few weeks ago while she was still settling into the area. The place serves fresh seafood plates and sandwiches. We ordered a ceviche and lobster tacos.

Total cost: ~$25


Homestyle Hawaiian – My first time eating a loco moco (beef patty with runny eggs, rice and macaroni salad) since college. We ordered two of these plus a deep fried musubi (rice and spam wrapped in seaweed and deep fried with Panko bread crumbs).

Total cost: ~$25


Little Cupcakes Cupcake Kitchen – Apparently this place has won twice on Food Network’s Cupcake Wars.  We ordered two cupcakes: the Tuxedo and the Vanilla Milkshake.

Total cost: $7.25

So those were the food highlights from the trip.  Outside of that, we took trips to the beach and biked along the coastline.  I also ended up exploring a bit on my own while my girlfriend was at work. On one occasion I wound up losing my shoes in quicksand next to Lake Calavera.


This led to a 1.5 hour barefoot walk back to our Airbnb on a trail of scorching hot sand and gravel. Needless to say, my feet were raw by the time I returned. As an unexpected benefit though I had all but forgotten about my awkward interviews the day before.

The interviews themselves may have gone okay for the most part, though as I expressed my enthusiasm for each firm, I couldn’t help but think that I wasn’t being entirely honest.  After all, my plan is to quit in a few years. But I’ll worry about that when the time comes. For now, I’ll keep interviewing until the right job comes along.

And on that note, it’s good to be back on the blog!

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