December 2016 Net Worth Update

It’s time for my monthly net worth update* – a seven thousand dollar increase from last month.  Breakdown below:

Increases – $16,108.62

  • After tax income – $8,913.49
  • HSA contributions – $605.12
  • decluttr referral bonus – $20
  • Rent deposit returned (NY apartment) – $2,179
  • Interest from checking and savings accounts – $28.76
  • Reimbursement for moving expenses – $2,134.69
  • Gain on investments – $2,227.56

Decreases – $9,328.83

  • Rent and utilities – $2,090.22
  • The California Bar Exam and bar review tuition – $5,245
  • New laptop – $549.99
  • Other expenses – $1,443.62

Net increase – $6,779.79

It’s been one heck of a year.  As a recap, my net worth has increased by almost $70,000 since the beginning.  And a lot of it was thanks to you and this blog, which have kept me motivated to stick to my goal of reaching financial independence.

As for this month, the hard hitters were rent and expenses for the California Bar Exam.  $1,600 went to exam registration, another $550 went to the Moral Character Determination Application and over $3,000 went to a comprehensive bar review course.  Of course, all of these expenses will be reimbursed by my employer.  In addition, I bought a $550 laptop to take the exam in February and I’ll most likely sell it once the exam’s over.

Luckily these expenses were also accompanied by a $2,179 rent deposit check from my old apartment in New York and $2,134.69 in reimbursements from my employer for last month’s moving expenses.  Without these checks and a nice $2,227.56 gain on investments, my net worth would’ve hardly moved this month.

Well that’s it for now.  See you all again next year!  Happy Holidays!

*I’ve changed the featured image on these net worth updates because Mint has had trouble adding some of my new investment accounts.  Hope they’ll get that sorted out soon.


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