Avoiding Dry Cleaners in NYC

What I thought would be one of my biggest budget killers turned out to be easy to avoid – dry cleaning.  In Manhattan, dry cleaning can cost more than $5 a shirt or pair of pants.  For me and my work clothes, that’s at least $40 a week or $2080 a year.  On top of that, I still need to machine wash my non-work clothes.

So instead I stick to laundromats.  Luckily, my building has one in the basement.

2016-04-09 21.56.51

Washing and drying cost $2.25 each.  Using two machines to wash my whites and colors and one machine to dry, I pay $6.75 per week or $351 a year for all of my clothes.

It wasn’t easy at first.  Not knowing how to properly wash and dry dress clothes, I sometimes got wrinkly results.  Ironing or steaming didn’t help either.  So over time, I began using the dryer less and air drying.  By drying my dress clothes for just ten minutes in the dryer before hanging them up, I always got fresh and straight results with no mildew smell.

Now if only there was a way to avoid paying rent in Manhattan. . . .

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