August 2017 Net Worth Update

Here we go, net worth update number 16.  This month I saved a modest $1,382.62.  Here’s what happened:

Increases – $14,846.55

  • After tax income – $3,889.81
  • 401k contributions – $10,147.72
  • HSA contributions – $283.38
  • Interest from checking and savings accounts – $28.35
  • Gain on investments – $497.29

Decreases – $13,463.93

  • Rent, utilities and deposit – $2,182.24
  • Other expenses – $11,281.69

Net increase – $1,382.62

Now I know what you’re thinking, $11,281.69 in “other expenses?”  Well I bought a ring!  So my fiancé and I are now looking at a 2018 wedding, possibly somewhere exotic.  So the old net worth will have to take a hit as we plan for that special event of our lives.  And because it’s special, we’ll be carefully working out the details so that we have no regrets.

In other news, my sister visited this past week from Toronto, so we’ve been wining and dining on breakfast burritos and Mike’s Hard.  It’s times like these that call for some splurging outside of the usual homemade meals.

Finally, I’ve maxed out my 401k and paid all of my social security taxes for the year, so the paychecks will start getting bigger until January.  Hopefully, the next 100 grand won’t be too far away.  Onward and upward!

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