April 2017 Net Worth Update

It’s that time of the month – net worth update number 13!  The old nest egg grew about 11 grand since last month.  Breakdown below:

Increases – $14,769.11

  • After tax income – $10,219.80
  • HSA contributions – $283.42
  • 2016 Tax Return (New York) – $1,040
  • Interest from checking and savings accounts – $29.58
  • Reimbursements – $141.28*
  • Gain on investments – $3,055.03

Decreases – $3,413.70

  • Rent and utilities – $2,018.58
  • Airplane tickets – $761.20**
  • Other expenses – $633.92

Net increase – $11,355.41

Outside of rent and plane tickets, spending came well under control at just over $600.  How’d I spend so little?  Work.  Work has been so busy lately that I’ve hardly had a chance to spend.  Ironic that the place that gives us money is also the place that keeps us from using it eh?  All the more reason to achieve financial independence and quit!

But back to my net worth update.  This month was also nice because I received a partial state tax return from New York and enjoyed a healthy $3,000 gain on investments.

In other news, I’m looking forward to finishing my first six months at my firm and becoming eligible again in July for 401k contributions.  And if everything goes according to plan, I’ll be a 200 thousandaire by then!

Well that’s all for now.  See you in May.

*My buddy Alex paid me back for shipping a pair of Nikes to him in Hong Kong. 

**My girl and I are heading to Saint Louis next week to visit my alma mater.  

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