April 2016 Net Worth Update

It’s that time of the month – my first progress update!  As you can see, my total net worth jumped by almost $10,000 from last month.  Breakdown below:

Increases – $12,775.67

  • After tax income – $6,745.14
  • 401k contributions – $2266.68
  • Federal tax return – $1169
  • New York State tax return – $516
  • Interest from checking and savings accounts – $38.67
  • Gain on investments – $2,040.18

Decreases – $3,421.64

  • Rent – $2259
  • Other Expenses – $1,162.64

Net increase – $9,354.03

Great month.  Nothing to get too excited about just yet.  As you’ve probably seen, the stock market is pretty high these days, which is why I still keep a lot of cash lying around.  As soon as there’s a dip, you can bet that I’ll buy up more index funds (VTI and VNQ) with my taxable investment accounts.

But what if the stock market keeps going up?  Well, that’s why I continue to contribute to my 401k each month so I don’t miss out.  With almost $41k in cash, I’m hesitant to sink all of that into a market that will probably dip soon.  If you’re not sure what I mean, take a look at the graph below from Google Finance.


The S&P 500 Index is closing in on a record high.

So rather than buy more stocks, I’ve placed a $5,000 order in a real estate investment trust (REIT) at Fundrise to get some exposure to commercial real estate.  According to Fundrise, the company’s Income eREIT earned an annualized return of 9.7% during the first quarter of 2016.  Hopefully it’ll keep generating returns like that with my five grand.

That leaves about $36k sitting in my checking and savings accounts.  For now, I don’t feel too bad that I’m not investing these guys.  About $10k is generating a healthy 3.09% APY  in my rewards checking account at Consumers Credit Union.  Another $20k is generating a moderate 0.75% APY in my Capital One 360* savings account.  And thanks to an expired offer from February, I’ll receive a $200 bonus sometime in June for opening and maintaining that account with $20,000.

The remaining $6,000 isn’t doing much and should be invested as soon as I find an opening.  Let me know if you have any suggestions!

*Note that if you open an account through that link, I may get a referral commission from Capital One 360. 

(Featured image from my Mint: Money Manager account)

3 thoughts on “April 2016 Net Worth Update

  1. Very nice progress!

    We have a similar situation: some cash at hand for when the sales on stocks starts next to a regular investing strategy. I do think that in the long run, this will be beneficial.

    1. Thanks! Yeah I get antsy watching all the market gains while my cash sits still, but I’d definitely be more antsy if I had nothing to invest when the corrections come.

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