A Budget Trip to Providence, RI

Two weeks ago, my best friend and I visited Providence, Rhode Island for a short weekend trip to see friends and explore the city.  Having never been, I thought hey, why not use the rest of my United MileagePlus award miles and stay here in style?  So we booked a $200 Deluxe Room for one night at the Omni Providence.  That’s 21,800 miles that I had accumulated with my United Explorer Card.

Upon arrival, we spent $28 on an all-you-can-eat lunch at the dining halls of Brown University.  This consisted of seven plates and one bowl of salad, pizza, burgers, fries, tater tots, Thanksgiving style turkey with cranberry sauce, chocolate chip cookies and soft-serve ice cream.

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Side note – I’m glad I didn’t go here for undergrad or there may have been some health issues.

For dinner, we spent $18.75 on gyros at East Side Pockets.  Of course, we squeezed in a $10.21 snack break at the highly rated Meeting Street Cafe, and our friends treated us to a lemon mousse cake at Pastiche Fine Desserts.

Total breakdown for the trip:

  • Transportation: $146 round trip from Manhattan
  • Hotel: $0
  • Food: $56.96
  • Total: $202.96

Not bad, considering we consumed over 3,000 calories each.  That’s about 3.4 cents per calorie!

2 thoughts on “A Budget Trip to Providence, RI

  1. Awesome! I went to Brown for undergrad and I remember the AYCE dining halls. They were even nice enough to provide takeout containers for the students. East Side Pockets and Meeting Street Cafe are great, and you even made it over to Pastiche on Federal Hill. Glad you had a good time!

    1. Thanks! We were a bit bummed that the weather wasn’t warm enough yet to see flowers on a greener campus, but the school and neighborhood was beautiful regardless.

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